Policy Advisory Committee


Committee Members

Past President Richard Eustace, Chairman

Past President Robert Fischer

Past President Robert Sokolowski

Past President Blake Maloney

Past President Joseph

Committee Charge From the NJWEA By-Laws:


9.3.1 Shall be comprised of the five (5) latest living Past Presidents and two (2) former elected members of the Executive Committee.

9.3.2 The Chairman or Chairwoman shall be the latest living Past President and he or she shall be a member of the Executive Committee.

9.3.3 The Policy Advisory Committee shall consider matters referred to it by the Council, the Executive Committee or the President. Such matters shall have to do with long-term policies of the Association.

9.3.4 Recommendations formulated by the Policy Advisory Committee shall be submitted to the Governing Council, Executive Committee or the President, depending upon the original source of the referral.