Useful Links

Below is a list of Government and Local websites we though you might find interesting. Included are government and related local interest sites.

Government Related

NJDEP Water Supply Administration

Publications, Regulations, Forms and Licensing Information Forms available for download in PDF format including:
  • Water/Wastewater Examination Applications (ADM035)
  • Statement of Qualifications (ADM035A)
Operator Forum (NJDEP)

This forum was established to facilitate an information exchange among wastewater treatment plant and collection system operators. By sharing knowledge, we can help tap the collective know-how of experienced operators. This can improve the overall effectiveness and efficiency of treatment plant/collection system operations and boost the quality of our waters.

New Jersey Discharger (NJDEP)

A Newsletter about New Jersey’s Water Quality Programs distributed by NJDEP

Official Website of The State of New Jersey

Everything About New Jersey.

The Official US Government Web Portal

The is one of the better websites on the Internet. Resources for citizens, businesses, and governments. Content changes frequently. Be sure to subscribe to the free FirstGov email newsletter. There are over 30 other special purpose free newsletters available from the US government.

EPA Laws & Regulations

Laws and regulations are a major tool in protecting the environment. Find out about Regulations and proposed Rules, current legislation and laws.

NJDEP Easy Access

Easy Access phone list of NJDEP Staff

Safe Disposal of Prescription Drugs – Office of national Drug Control Policy

We have been receiving requests for information regarding the safe disposal of prescription drugs. With the recognition of potential impact on the water environment, the Office of National Drug Control Policy has provided the following information:
  • Take unused, unneeded, or expired prescription drugs out of their original containers and throw them in the trash.
  • Mixing prescription drugs with an undesirable substance, such as used coffee grounds or kitty litter, and putting them in impermeable, non-descript containers, such as empty cans or sealable bags, will further ensure the drugs are not diverted.
  • Flush prescription drugs down the toilet only if the label or accompanying patient information specifically instructs doing so.
  • The FDA advises that the following drugs be flushed down the toilet instead of thrown in the trash:
    • Actiq (fentanyl citrate)
    • Daytrana Transdermal Patch (methylphenidate)
    • Duragesic Transdermal System (fentanyl)
    • OxyContin Tablets (oxycodone)
    • Avinza Capsules (morphine sulfate)
    • Baraclude Tablets (entecavir)
    • Reyataz Capsules (atazanavir sulfate)
    • Tequin Tablets (gatifloxacin)
    • Zerit for Oral Solution (stavudine)
    • Meperidine HCl Tablets
    • Percocet (Oxycodone and Acetaminophen)
    • Xyrem (Sodium Oxybate)
    • Fentora (fentanyl buccal tablet)
USEPA Municipal Technologies

The USEPA provides both direct and indirect assistance in the area of municipal wastewater treatment technologies:
  • Facility design manuals
  • Overview to Watershed Assessments
  • Fact sheets on innovative and alternative technologies
  • Wet weather technology fact sheets
  • Technology verifications centers
  • Small community technical assistance
  • Research and development
  • Technology Transfer
  • Publications
  • Constructed Wetlands

Textbooks and Resources

Rutgers University – Division of Continuing Studies

Training programs, certificate courses, and non degree programs can equip you with specialized skills and knowledge necessary for today’s changing workplace.

California State University – Kerri Manuals

CSU develops training programs and training materials for operators of water and wastewater systems. Long recognized as the authoritative source for Operator Training, these manuals are required texts for New Jersey Operators.

Water Environment Federation

WEF offers you a variety of training options to fit your needs and busy schedules – workbooks and study guides, PROBES (Problem-Related, Operations-Based Education Series), CD-ROMs, conferences and workshops.

American Water Works Association

AWWA offers many training resources.

Association of Boards of Certification – (ABC)

The Association of Boards of Certification has been assisting states and provinces with environmental certification programs since 1972. Our membership consists of over 80 certifying authorities representing more than 40 states and 10 Canadian provinces who certify over 150,000 water and wastewater operators, laboratory analysts, and back flow prevention assembly testers.

WEF Archive – Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering & Technology

This is a great resource for water environment professionals. It houses numerous WEF Conference Proceedings, magazines, technical bulletins and journals dating back to the 1920’s. Check out the library’s online catalog LEONARDO.

Local & Association Interest

Emergency Response Guidance for Wastewater Systems

Emergency Response Guidance for Wastewater Systems:

Published by the Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF)to assist wastewater systems in developing and updating their emergency preparedness, response and recovery plans and procedures.

The Water Environment Federation (WEF)

Improving Water Quality for 75 Years

Founded in 1928, the Water Environment Federation (WEF) is a not-for-profit technical and educational organization with members from varied disciplines who work toward the WEF vision of preservation and enhancement of the global water environment. The WEF network includes water quality professionals from 76 Member Associations in 30 countries

NJ Association of Environmental Authorities

AEA is a nonprofit association of publicly owned facilities providing environmental services to the people of the State of New Jersey. The mission of AEA is to assist its members – who treat wastewater, handle solid waste, and supply the public with clean water – to pursue their common goals of protecting and enhancing public health and the natural environment.

NJ Online

New Jersey Online is brought to you by four of New Jersey’s largest newspapers.

Municipal Websites of distinction. E-Government is our middle name.>

The Garden State EnviroNet (GSE)

The Garden State EnviroNet (GSE) serves as an Internet-based portal to the diverse range of environmental issues spanning New Jersey. The site contains over 300 links arraigned in 9 categories The site’s mission is to track and promote an increased awareness of the issues and policies that affect New Jersey’s environment.