About Us

The New Jersey Water Environment Association

From the bucolic Highlands to the fisheries of the Delaware Valley to the power of the Great Falls to the family fun of the Jersey Shore our state is one of the most water rich areas in the United States. New Jersey’s water resources were and continue to be essential to the quality of life, economic vibrancy and history of our state. As New Jersey grew to become the most densely populated and heavily industrialized state in the nation, water quality in our lakes, streams and bays began to significantly deteriorate.

In 1915 leaders in State Department of Health recognized the importance of providing a means for professionals in the emerging sewage treatment industry to come together to share in the latest scientific findings and newest technologies. To accomplish that goal a new organization was created, The NJ Sewerage Works Association charged with the responsibility of expanding and sharing knowledge about water quality and waste water treatment. Over the next 100 years the Association, under various names, has worked to fulfill the mission of protecting the public health thru education and training. Our charge has expanded during the past century, today the NJWEA and its members serve as leaders in the effort to preserve water quality, remediate historically contaminated sites, help industry to manage their water processes in a sustainable manner and educate the public on water quality issues.

Join us as we look forward to our second century of achievement as the “First Organization of its Kind, Dedicated to Protecting the Water Quality, Public Health and Environment of New Jersey and the Nation”. Explore this web site to become familiar with the many educational opportunities, technical programs and Association initiatives designed to serve all who work to preserve New Jersey waters.