Long Range Planning Committee


The Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) was formed to formalize the ongoing operating procedures of the NJWEA; and, to recommend a short and long term strategic plan for the Association’s future operations. The Strategic Plan describes primary goals and objectives of the NJWEA including how the Association interacts internally and with other Member Associations, organizations and the WEF.

The LRPC provides direction for the Association in the form of policy recommendations and plans that are submitted to the Executive Committee for review, discussion, and possible implementation. Though the Committee primarily interacts through the Executive Committee, the Committee also works with other NJWEA committees as needed by request of individual committees or the Executive Committee. The LRPC also interacts (through its individual members) in an outreach forum with WEF and other Member Associations.

Committee Chair:          Robert Fischer
Committee Vice-Chair:  Henry Penley

Committee members include current NJWEA Officers, the Executive Director, the Treasurer, Delegates, Section Presidents (or their appointees), the Chair or appointee of the S&YP Committee and past Delegates and other NJWEA members as requested by the chair.

Current Members Include:

  • Joe Bonaccorso
  • Mario Bonaccorso
  • Fran Bonaccorso
  • Jim De Block
  • Robert De Block
  • Rick Eustace
  • Bob Fischer
  • Tom Grenci
  • Frank Hartman
  • Jerome Harris
  • Nicole Joy
  • Megan Livak
  • Jack Lagrosa
  • Rocco Maiellano
  • Tom Meholic
  • Blake Maloney
  • Bill Muszynski
  • Lisa Oberreiter
  • Jill Plesnarski
  • Henry Penley
  • John Reardon
  • Mike Roy
  • Bruce Smith
  • Bob Sokolowski
  • Ken Stoller
  • Patrick Witts

The Agenda for the September Committee meeting can be found at   september-14th-agenda-2016

The Minutes from the March 2016 Committee meeting can be found at njwea-lrpc-meeting-minutes-3-1-16

The Baseline Report which was presented at the December 2, 2016 Executive Committee Meeting can be found at   Baseline Report December 2016

The Minutes from the December 2, 2016 LRPC meeting can be found at  NJWEA LRPC Meeting Minutes 12-2-16