Nominating Committee

Committee Members

Past President Robert Sokolowski, Chairman (2010-2012)

Past President Robert Fischer (2012-2014)

Past President Richard Eustace (2014-2016)

Past President Thomas Grenci (2016-2018)

Past President Robert De Block (2018-2020)

Committee Charge From the NJWEA By-Laws:


9.2.1 Shall be comprised of five (5) latest living Past Presidents.

9.2.2 The Chairperson shall be the senior member based on service as President of the NJWEA.

9.2.3 Shall nominate candidates for office as provided in Article 5.1 of these By-Laws except the Executive Director (5.14) who shall be appointed by the Executive Committee and approved by the Governing Council pursuant to 4.152 and 4.153 of these By-Laws.


The Nominating Committee will be presenting nominations at the December 2020 Executive Committee Meeting for the following positions:

NJWEA Delegate at Large (3 Year Term)

WEF Delegate (3 Year Term)