Education Advisory Committee


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Responsible for coordinating the licensed operator training programs and TCH management program. The NJWEA, through its Education Advisory Committee is represented on the NJDEP Advisory Committee on Water and Wastewater Operator Training. Representing NJWEA are Joseph Bonaccorso and Ron Suto, both long time instructors of the required courses.

Chris Hoffman, P.E., Chairperson , Joseph Bonaccorso, Vice-Chair 
James DeBlock, Ron Suto,  Jill Plesnarski, Robert Fischer, Louis Lambe
Sean Sauder, (North Section)
Carrie Anne Lyons (Central Section)
Richard Eustace, (South Section)
James Wancho, P.E., William Muszynski, P.E.

Training Contact Hours (TCH) Information

Many courses that are provided by NJWEA are certified for both Water and Wastewater licenses. At the Annual Conference and Technology Transfer Seminars many courses are available which are dual purpose.

When reviewing your certificates, the course number will tell you the designation, for example, the course numbered 03-010239-30, the last two digits (30) indicate a dual purpose course water & wastewater (3), that is non-safety (0). The course numbered 03-010245-31 is a dual purpose safety course, where again the number 3 indicates dual purpose, water & wastewater but the course relates to safety (1). The course numbered 03-01 0248-20 is a Wastewater non-safety course (20). Finally, a course with the number 03-010255-10 would be a Water non-safety course.

NJWEA encourages Utility Authorities to submit their in-house training programs for certification evaluation. A nominal fee is charged for record keeping and certificate production.


TCH Transcripts

TCH Transcript reports are available using the NJDEP Data Miner system.

NJWEA tracks only courses that it or it‘s co-sponsors have provided.