South Jersey

Welcome To The South Jersey Section

The regional Sections of the New Jersey Water Environmental Association provide important programs within their local geographic areas which expand and supplement the area of the NJWEA. Conveniently scheduled meetings and workshops and events encourage participation in the Section’s educational activities.

The South Section Executive Committee

President - Joshua Palombo
Vice President - Bob Carlson
Secretary - Craig Loper
Treasurer - Joseph Rizzuto
Immediate Past President - Pat Witts

Frank Hartman
Carl Janson
Rocco Maiellano

Standing Committees

Affiliates – Bill LaPorte,  (717)433-7837
Health & Safety - Harry E. Smith III, (856)829-4463
Membership - Carl E. Janson, (215)628-9936
Sick & Welfare – VACANT
Nominating and Awards – Dave Kennedy, (609)280-3488,
Seminar & Technology - Jim Neville,  (609)374-2608
Industrial Waste - Chris Jepson,  (609)689-1100
Legislative - Dennis Palmer,  (856)794-6255 x6255
Program - Pat Witts, (856)929-5434
Golf Outing – John Manganaro, (609)970-1096
Archives – Carl Janson,  (215)628-9936
Awards & Ladies Night Dinner - Josh Palombo, (609)675-5758
Operations Challenge - Timothy Fisher,  (609)465-8410


Membership Registry Update

In order to serve our members better we must continually update our Information. The most efficient way to contact our members is through E-Mail. Please go to attached link and provide us with your E-Mail.

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South Section Scholarships:

The South Section Sponsors Four Scholarships:
Joseph W. Manganaro Scholarship Award
Blake Maloney Scholarship Award
Robert Ingles Scholarship Award
Memorial Scholarship Award

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