COVID-19 Update

The NJWEA was notified that an attendee at the NJWEA Technology Transfer Seminar has tested positive for COVID-19.  While we are past the 14 day window necessitating self isolation of those with "Close Contact" The Association feels it important to share this information with you.
Please find timeline below.
3/9/2020 - 3/12/2020
The attendee was present at all 4 days of the Seminar
Attendee became symptomatic
Attendee tested for COVID-19

Received Positive Test Result and 
Notified the NJWEA. 

Please note the attendee was not symptomatic during the seminar.  We are now 18 days since the final Seminar Day.  As such we are past the 14 day window of self isolation that would be required for "Close" contacts. 
Please find NJDOH Guidance Here
NJ COVID-19 Information Hub 
Please direct all specific questions regarding the the Seminar and COVID-19 to:
James De Block,
Robert De Block,